10 Tips for a Smooth Move – Check Them Out!

Are you aware of the ideal ways through which you can go for a top ranking move? No? Well, there’s nothing to get disheartened as this article will help you in having a smooth move… so check out the article and feel relaxed while making a move.

If you are planning to make a move, then your first step involves in informing the respective moving company about the special circumstances i.e. elevators, extra stops, long walks, stairs etc. Be sure to ask them whether they’ll charge any extra payment for the additional services that they undertake.

Be sure to arrange well in advance for the tools that the movers may need for disassembling prior to moving out. To be more specific, you need to arrange for the tools that will help the movers to remove the mirrors from the dressers, unbolting the headboards from the frame, disconnecting the dryer and washer and so on and so forth. If possible, carry out the small tasks on your own or else you have to pay additional charges to the movers for this purpose.

If you want you are free to leave your clothes in the dresser. But for your good I would advise you to remove all breakables, paper as well as fragile items from the dresser. You can instead pack these items in boxes.

Be sure to empty all the desk drawers. In addition to this, you need to also empty the lateral file, letter size and legal size cabinets.

Use a tape for sealing all the boxes. Prefer using tape on the top as well as bottom of the boxes. This approach of yours ensures the safety of your items in addition to ensuring the safety of the movers.

One of the most viable things that you need to keep in mind is ensure asking for a copy of the decided price in pen and paper before making a move.

As soon as the movers arrive at your place, you need to go through the inventory list and see to it that each and every item has been marked on the list. Another thing that you need to look for is the number of special conditions (if any) that has been considered after taking into account your price quote.

Ensure contacting the “Better Business Bureau” by calling up at (214) 220-2000. If you have any complaints, be sure to tell them then and there.

Seek help from any of your friends and relative who have recently moved. Ask them to share their experience regarding the moving company with you. You can always rely on your friends and family members when it comes to moving out. In case, none of your friends and relative has moved out recently, you are free to check out the reference list of the moving company.

Ask them their insurance carrier’s name and get hold of a claim report from them.

It is hoped that if you adhere to aforementioned tips, then moving will be a cakewalk for you!

If you are interested to compare the quotes of different companies be sure to fill a free quote online. Check out the website for more information.