Moving Terminology – Learn and Understand

The moving industry is an important industry to consider, since its services are required by every commoner each and every day. Thus it is one of the busiest and one of the most prospering industries among all types. The industry has variety of services and departments and each on is being explained by different words and terms. Understanding all those terms helps you to understand the moving estimate. Most of the definitions are provided by the AMSA Certified Mover and Van Line Program. Here are some of the important definitions which are commonly used in the industry.

Agent: any of the local moving company which represents a national van line may serve as the booking, the origin, the destination or as a hauling agent.

Accessorial services: all the services like packing or unpacking, shuttle or extra stop which are requested to perform or it is necessary for the landlords or for any special circumstances. All the charges of this cost are added with the transformational cost.

Bill of lading: this is a receipt for the customer and this receipt is for the goods and for the contract of the transportation. The customer acknowledges it by signing, which means that he permits to load all the household goods to the carrier of the moving companies.

Binding/non-binding estimate: the binding estimate is an estimate which is made between the mover and the customers. This agreement is made in advance and with this agreement the makes a guarantee on the total cost of the move which is based on the quality of the product and on the services which they are providing. The non-binding agreement is based on the carrier’s approximation of the cost which is based on estimation of the shipment and other accessorial services which are required.

Booking agent: the person who accepts the order for the move of the customers and registers it as the van line, the person who works as a booking agent may or may not be the destination agent or the origin agent.

Carrier: the moving companies who are providing with the interstate transportation services of any of the household goods and the company which is registered under the Department of Transportation.

Diversion: when the customer changes the location of the shipment, there is also a change in the cost factor as well. The cost will be calculated as per the origin point till the new direction towards which the shipment will visit.

Exclusive use of vehicle: vehicle can be used by a request and it is also been subjected to its availability. The customer may request for a carrier from the exclusive unit of the shipment. All the transportation charges are based on weight of the shipment and thus vehicles are also provided on that ground.

Full service packing and unpacking: the rates of the weight depend on the shipment and so when a carrier is being requested by any shipper, he has to take a complete responsibility of packing and unpacking a complete shipment.

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