Movers Guide – Tips and Check List

Learn about moving in our moving guideThe following article will help people who planning to move to a new destination. Check out a week by week guide that will simplify your moving venture-
Six to Eight weeks before you move.

  • Be organized as it will help you the most while moving. Start collecting the details regarding your move.
  • Decide which items you wan to transit to your new destination
  • Start gathering information on the packing and moving supplies if you intend to go for self packing
  • Start planning about the layout of your new destination and think where the furniture should be placed.
  • Start knowing your community. Ask information on community programs, schools, recreation and parks
  • Make the travel arrangements at this point of time. Ensure keeping your plans flexible so that you can accommodate any delays or changes.
  • Keep aside the receipts of the expenses related to moving in a separate folder.
  • Finalize all rental and real estate needs
  • Contact the insurance agent for transferring medical, fire, property as well as auto insurance.
  • Keep all the dental and medical records in a safe as well as easily accessible place. Ensure including prescription, eyeglass specifications as well as vaccination records.
  • Plan on taking viable documents like stock certificates, wills as well as other type of items (photos, coin collection, jewelry etc)
    Four weeks before making a move-
  • Discard, give away or sell all unwanted goods
  • Inform your local post office to redirect you mails to your new destination
  • Obtain dental and medical records
  • Complete marriage and birth records
  • Get hold of school records
  • Inform insurance company and be sure to transfer or cancel all policies ( car, house, life)
  • Inform credit card companies and bank and arrange for closure or transfer of accounts
  • Inform I.R.D., electoral office, government departments, local clubs ,solicitor, and church.
  • Transfer or Cancel subscriptions for publications.
  • If you are planning to move to overseas, make sure to finalize passports, travel bookings, visas and accommodations.
    Two weeks before moving
  • Confirm moving and packing dates with the movers
  • Cancel electricity, phone and gas service
  • Dispose off all flammables and paints.


Immediately before making a move

  • Cancel each and every delivery services ( fuel, newspaper, bread and milk)
  • Ensure emptying the fuel from the mowers
  • Defrost the fridge after removing the eatables
  • Collect any dry cleaning or laundry
  • Clean the medicine cabinet
  • Arrange for light breakfast on the moving day, prefer using disposable utensils
  • Disconnect all the electrical appliances
  • Remove all light shades, curtains, mirrors and pictures
    On the final day of moving
  • Double check the house and see if you have missed out on anything or not
  • Sign an inventory with the mover and keep a copy with you as well
  • Don’t forget to take the travel related documents
  • Get moving quotes form at least 3

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