The Difference Between A Local And An Interstate Move

local movers servicesThe process of relocation and moving can be categorized by the different types of moves that are conducted. In order to understand them you must be aware of the differences that each entail. The local move that is conducted by the moving companies are called intrastate moves and this type of relocation does not involve the shipment of goods and items across the lines of any state while it is going to enter another state. The local move differs greatly from the out of the state move known as interstate move.

The interstate move is one where the shipment of goods and items goes across one state boundary and enters into another that is regulated by the agencies that are governed under the Department of Transportation. When it comes to the local move they differ from the interstate move as they may or may not be regulated under the state in which the relocation takes place.

There are about 30 states in the USA that have certain degrees of rules and regulations with regard to both the local and interstate move. If you wish to determine whether you fall under the jurisdiction of a regulated US state you can check into the details at the office of the Attorney General. Here you can also get awareness about the offices in your state that oversee both local and interstate move rules and regulations. You can also get relevant information on both the local and the interstate move by visiting the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration too.

There is a difference in the cost between the local and the interstate move. When it comes to determining the cost of the local move you will find that the rates are based on a per hour basis in the case of the number of professionals that are deployed for the move. The number of vehicles also play a role in determining the cost of the move and certain factors like the distance, the weight of the shipment, the mileage etc are taken into consideration. The degree of liability in the case of local moves is much lesser than in the case of the interstate move.

When it comes to interstate move the weight of the shipment and the distance that is to be covered are generally taken into consideration. The interstate move involves a much higher degree of liability and the expenses for the above are higher than the local moves. The costs for the interstate move include the land charges that incur between the place of origin and the ports, costs of portage, customs, etc that are applied in the move. The interstate move may also include many other handling charges in other countries and this is the reason why it is more expensive than the local move. With the aid of online research you can easily get moving estimates for both types of moves without hassles.

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