FAQ – Movers

Who are the short haul movers?
The people who are responsible to move the household articles for less than a distance of 450 miles, are generally known as the short haul movers. The short haul movers have certain charges for these kinds of moving and sometimes the companies not only perform as short haul movers, but they are conducts long distance moving as well. 
Who are the local movers?

The movers, who conduct moving within a distance of less than 100 miles and in the same state as well, are referred as the local movers. 

What are the examples of the “extraordinary items” which are the movers deal with? 
Some of the items for each person differ with the list, but some of the things are quite common with furs, crystals, china, silverware, jewelry, coin collections and artifacts. These are some item which the movers need to be directed so that they can handle these items properly. There are few more items like coins collections, antiques, precious stones and oriental rugs which will also fall under this category. 

What kind of binding estimate the movers present? 
The binding estimates ensures about the exact estimated cost of the moving or any of the services, whether short haul movers or long distance movers , which are requested or deemed to be necessary at the time of the estimate. Therefore there are many additional services as well, for the movers while they present with the binding contract. Services like additional packaging, shuttle services or adding items are few of them, which you can expect from the movers. However, the movers will add all the costs of the estimates into the main estimation of the cost. 

What about the license of the movers? 

Most of the movers and the moving companies should be registered. The federal government always issues the certificate of the authority to the movers which allow them to haul and to move household goods from about 50 states. The local moving companies are registered with the US department of transportation which conducts the interstate shipments in certain other geographical areas apart from the American mainland. 

Does the moving companies provide with any extra moving materials? 

Most of the movers provide you with extra materials against some extra payments or for an additional cost. 

Who are the full service movers? 
The full service movers are the most common type, they are the person who will transport all the household gods to the new destination. The full service movers load all type of goods from the current place and carry them on a carrier to the desired location. All the items like furniture, appliances are wrapped in blankets for the protection during the move, so that they are being well protected for any unforeseen accidents or hazards. 

How much do I tip the movers? 
Tipping a mover can be a tough decision to make, but if the certain suggestions are being followed, you can find a suitable way of tipping your mover. Tipping should be reserved only for the movers who have the done their job correctly and perfectly. Try out the following process of tipping: 

  • Provide cold drinks, coffee or anything which is suitable for the weather, you can also provide then with lunch.
  • If there are two movers you can tip them something around $40-$60.
  • In case of more than two movers stick around $20.
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