Binding/Non-Binding Estimate

non-binding estimate and binding movingn quote Whenever we are relocating and changing our address, we need the help from the logistics companies. There is no other option apart from taking the biding estimate/ non biding estimate. We need to get the estimate from the concerned company itself. The estimation would include shipping charges, packing charges then there would be charges as per the shape and size of the items. The biding estimate/ non biding estimate are based on the same calculation. It has all these parameters to follow before making the estimation. Moreover, the distance will be considered as well. At last sum up of all these charges would confirm the actual estimation.

On the other hand, non-binding estimate could be better because we don’t have to follow certain rules of the logistics company. We can simply make a call to the company. Then someone from the company would come up at our place and in this way we could get an approx idea for non-binding estimate. But there could be conditions, for example if the weight of any of the item differs while packing then there could be extra charge for those items. On the top of it the biding estimate/ non biding estimate could be inclusive of hidden charges.


The biding estimate/ non biding estimate should be based on all modern equipment facilities. We should always seek for a expert help because in that way we are actually securing, so that it could be reached at the desired location. We can rely on the estimation of an expert because that becomes the final word. We don’t have to pay a single penny extra once we get the final quotation. But the changes may take place if we miss of remove any item.

This is where we can expect some advantage of the biding estimate/ non biding estimate. Moreover, the entire process becomes smooth and one would not regret about anything. However, there are some ground rules to maintain the biding estimate/ non biding estimate. Those are: the estimation should be with the hard copy and all the bills with proper proof the items must be attached. Then, while receiving the items we need to pay only the amount due for the estimation. However, it depends on us to pay or not for any add-on services for the items and that could be delayed as well.

Similarly, before we send the items for relocation, the concerned person of the logistics company should analyze the biding estimate/ non biding estimate again and make it confirmed. However, any discrepancy would cancel the estimation. For example, if the service provider checks that the weight of any item is not matching as per the estimation, then they could cancel the entire deal. On the contrary if they miss on this after loading the items, then they cannot do anything. This could be considered as a loop hole in the biding estimate/ non biding estimate.

So, both the biding estimate/ non biding estimate are important when we are moving.