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If you pick a moving service only on the basis of the lowest moving
quote. You may end up regretting depend on the moving company you choose, so look for a service provider with a good reputation.

You need to get moving company estimates in writing from a few reputable service providers. Compare their offers and verify their credentials and reputation before you select one of them.

Some crooked movers offer lowball move estimates to lure unwary customers. If you get a moving cost estimate that’s a lot lower than the others, watch out for hidden charges.

Most movers prefer to provide non-binding estimates, which help to protect the interests of both parties. The law says that a mover cannot ask you to pay more than 110% of the value of a non-binding move estimate, or 100% of the value of a binding estimate at the time of delivery. If an additional amount is to be paid, a separate bill will have to be raised by the city movers.

Find out if the moving companies are licensed and insured. You can view the profiles of interstate movers by visiting the Company Snapshot page on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Ask the house movers for references and call them up to find out about the quality of service provided.

What can we do to help you have a
stress free move?

If you plan to do the packing yourself, buy high quality moving boxes and supplies and start packing non-essential items as soon as possible. The task is much easier if you pack a few boxes every day. Paste color-coded labels on the boxes to ensure that they will be placed in the right rooms in your new home.

Make a floor plan of your new home and mark the spots where you want your furniture and appliances to be placed. Give a copy of the floor plan to the relocation company.

We can help you to get free, no obligations moving estimates from pre-screened moving companies in your area with a few clicks. You will only receive quotes from licensed and insured home movers who are known to provide excellent service.

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